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Quality Ideas give rise to a quality organization. The compelling vision of a thriving, quality-obsessed enterprise inspired Mr. Jai Singh Kundalia to leverage his years of experience in the confectionery industry to forge the foundations of the Monika Industries in 1982. Ever since, there has been no looking back.


The first of Mr. Jai Singh Kundalia’s manufacturing ventures was launched in 1982 to manufacture Candies under “Monika” brand. After those new units was dedicated for the production of Lollypop, Peppermint Tablet, Cough drops, Toffees and Cup Jelly.


Briefly, our group companies includes :

(a) Monika Industires - Mfr. of Candies & Lollypop.

(b) Monika Impex - Mfr. of Deposited Candies & Wafer Biscuits.

(c) Orchid Food Products Pvt. Ltd. - Mfr. of Tofees & Jellies.


Monika Impex was was launched with state-of-the-art facilities, quality processes and quality control standards. A clear Vision, total quality consciousness, continuous improvements and innovation plus right training to the employees has ensured rightful place in the deposited candy industry segment in North Eastern India.

We believe that the best in confectionery is Deposited Candy.

Leading confectionery makers throughout the world are taking advantage of this innovation to extend their product range, and meet consumer demand for this increasingly popular type of product.

We do realize that in today’s environment availability of world-class products are a must. We have been striving to work towards this as a manufacturer of quality candies.

Depositing technique has help us to produce high milk content hard candy & consequently we able to increase our market share of candies. Unlike the conventional hard boiled sweet, deposited candy involves a more scientifically tempered process of placing the material of sweet paste with all the colours flavours into moulds.

The mainstay of the our company has been its people. The workforce consists of highly qualified and vastly experienced professionals - brilliant individuals united in pursuit of quality at all levels from the top management down to the shop floor.

Our quality policy aims at achieving customer delight by continuously striving to offer a product of consistent quality. We define quality as using the best raw materials and packing materials and producing products under strictly controlled parameters thereby giving the product to the customer in exactly the way he wants it and when we wants it.



We has acquired strong competency in all areas of manufacturing and marketing and is now a ONE STOP SHOP for anything in the food industry. Right from Recipes to Management of Customer relationships. we invites you to enter into any of the alliances or partnerships on offer:

We can manufacture any candy product to your specifications at very competitive rates for distribution in your home markets or in the nearby regional markets.

We can develop a product based on your professional inputs or we can develop customized products for you.

We can innovate and enhance your competitiveness by creating new packaging forms/designs/raw materials/manufacturing or marketing specifications.

We can provide the infrastructure and the people to develop and research new products and new concepts.

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